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30 x 30 SlotPro 4 Slot Standard Extrusion Anodised Black

30 x 30 SlotPro 4 Slot Standard Extrusion Anodised Black


30mm x 30mm SlotPro 4 Slot Standard Extrusion is a 3 Series T-slot profile with an 8mm T-slot on each face. The surface of the profile is resistant to dirt and debris build-up because it is smooth and easy to clean. The 30mm x 30mm T-slot profile is compatible with the 3 series connectors and other components. The 30mm x 30mm profile is a great choice for machine frames and guards, workstations, displays and other small to medium applications. The four open T-slots are useful for mounting SlotPro components and accessories.

Black anodised profiles make your projects look sleek while also providing functionality. Perfect for projects requiring low reflective parts like a photo booth or other vision systems.

Anodising adds a protective coating over the aluminium, increasing the longevity of the product as well as providing a more aesthetic appearance. The result of anodised profile is strong, hard, durable, weather-resistant that doesn’t oxidise and is resistant to corrosion.

Please note when ordering a profile length of black anodised extrusion, the ends will be exposed due to cutting. A simple solution for the exposed  ends could be a 30 x 30 Cover Cap.

Product Code: 1.0303.4.SPSSAB

Series: 3 Series

Material: Aluminium

Grade: 6063T5

Finish: Anodised

Colour: Black

KG/M: 0.8

Length: 500mm, 1000mm, 5500mm. For custom lengths up to 5500mm, please contact us.

Common Uses: Machine frames and displays.


Onequip provide a cut and mill service. For custom lengths or design assistance please don't hesitate to contact us: 0800 00 28 32 or

Click HERE to download the product 3D CAD file in .step format

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